It was January 30, 1973. It was cold, 26 degrees, and the first real snowfall of the season had covered New York City. Richard Nixon was explaining why he wasn't a crook; the Dow Jones registered a meager 992.93; and cars with panicked drivers were lined up 20-deep at gas stations across the U.S.

America, maybe, wasn't very sure of itself.

But inside a small club in Queens, there were four young musicians who
were sure of themselves. And they had every right to be, because they believed they were going to be the biggest band in the world.

As it turns out, they were right. . .

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Chapter 1: Rainbow, Wicked Lester, And What Came First. . .

Chapter 2: The Clubs

Chapter 4: Hotter Than Hell Tour

Chapter 9: Love Gun Tour

Chapter 20: Hot in the Shade Tour

Chapter 21: Revenge Tour

Chapter 24: Alive/Worldwide Tour

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